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This Month's Focus: Architectural Coating
Two companies highlight their recent architectural powder coating projects.
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Show preview: IMTS 2016 aims to change your perspective (Free)
The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) will provide you with new manufacturing technologies and ideas when you head to Chicago this Fall.
Coater's Corner: How to turn dirty unexpected parts into profitable work and a good business relationship
In my last article, I addressed some ways that you can partner with your customer on projects ahead of receiving them to increase the likelihood of everything going smoothly. Sometimes, even despite your best efforts, you’ll still be faced with orders that are in less-than-ideal condition for coating or, even worse, absolutely covered with thick grease, rust, and lead-based paint. This article will focus on what you can control within your shop to avoid the risk of rework that can result from incoming orders not in their ideal state.
Powder Coatings Clinic: Time-temperature-particle size cure window in powder coatings
It is well known that the reactions of epichlorohydrin (ECH) with hydroxyl, carboxyl, and amino functional groups will form epoxide functionalities, which, in comparison to other epoxy derivatives, are capable of withstanding higher shear stresses while exhibiting weaker peel strength. One approach to overcoming the issue of weak peel strength is to modify the epoxide phenolic novolac resins in order to reduce shrinkage during cure as well as to improve chemical resistance, film strength, and adhesion.
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