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Process Washers: The Importance of Understanding
How and Where Energy is Consumed

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Time:  12:00 PM (Noon) – 2:00 PM EST

Presented by:  Sherrill Stoenner

Moderated by:  Alicia Tyznik, Editor of Powder Coating

Webinar Cost:  $99.00 USD

Registration fee is non-refundable after the live event.

Webinar Details:  In this webinar, we will have a detailed discussion on the importance of understanding energy usage in a washer system, including how a process washer uses energy and where exactly energy is consumed inside the system. We’ll talk about different changes you can make to your washer to reduce energy costs and increase efficiency. This will lead into a discussion about what features and options you should ask for in the design of a new washer to make it more efficient and, perhaps more importantly, what features and options you should not ask to have designed into the washer. There are currently some items being sold as energy savers in washer systems that simply do not pass muster when you break down the engineering numbers. We’ll take a closer look at these items so you can decide for yourself what will save you operating costs and what will not.

Presenter Information:  Sherrill Stoenner is president of Stoenner Finishing Consultants LLC, Kansas City, Mo. He is also president of the Central States Chapter of the Chemical Coaters Association International (CCAI) and has been elected to CCAI’s national board of directors, currently serving as past-president. An engineer, he is a prolific author and lecturer with more than 40 years of experience in plant and manufacturing engineering. He has worked for Milbank Systems, LPS Technology, SBS Industrial Systems Group Design, and Pneu-Mech Systems Manufacturing. He is also very active in the Powder Coating Institute’s subcommittees and is a past member of the AFP/SME National Board of Advisors.

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