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Corrosion: The Truth About Bleed, Blister, and Creep, 9/09

CD of live Broadcast 09/22/2009

Do you really know what corrosion is and why it occurs? Do you know how to increase corrosion resistance? What do you really know about bleed, blister, and creep, the three types of corrosion failures affecting metallic parts? This presentation answers these questions and explains what occurs during corrosion and why. It then provides you with practical ways to get the corrosion resistance you need in your powder coating operation in a very comprehensive fashion. Product design, pretreatment chemicals, and organic primers/topcoats will be discussed as the overall solution to attaining the desired corrosion performance

Moderator: Steve Foley, Senior Editor of Powder Coating

Presenter: Nick Liberto

Nick Liberto is president of Powder Coating Consultants (PCC), a division of Ninan, Inc., Bridgeport, CT 06604. Established in 1988, PCC is an independent engineering firm specializing in the use of powder coating technology. Nick has more than 2 decades of experience in the powder coating industry and is a member of many industry associations. A registered professional engineer in Connecticut, he holds a bachelor’s of science degree in mechanical engineering with a minor in physics.

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