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Innovations in Powder Coatings, 6/11

CD of live broadcast 6/28/11

In this webinar, we will briefly trace the arc of powder coatings technology, from its growth as a functional coating technology through its rapid growth as an accepted competitive alternative to decorative liquid paint.

We examine how the development of super-durable powder, ultra-fine powder, and low-temperature and UV-curable powder opened new markets for powder coatings.

We turn to current powder technologies with functions beyond the traditional “beauty and brawn,” and examine powder coatings that provide antimicrobial, infrared reflective, and other functions.

Finally, we examine the future of powder and the role of smart coatings technology that will result in powder coatings that react to external stimuli to change properties depending on temperature, electrical potential, or other conditions.

Presenter: Paul Mills

Paul Mills has been involved in coatings technology since 1994. He spent 10 years as director of sales and marketing for Nutro, a Cleveland manufacturer of liquid and powder coating systems. While at Nutro, Paul spearheaded developmental efforts in three-dimensional ultraviolet (UV) curing and UV-curable powder coatings. He left Nutro in 2002 and began his own business providing technical and marketing expertise to suppliers of coatings and coating equipment. He also founded UV Robotics, a company specializing in robotic UV curing of large and complex parts.

Moderator: Peggy Koop, Editor of Powder Coating

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