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CCAI’s FINISHING Pavilion and Conference is back and better than ever (Free)
CCAI’s FINISHING Pavilion and Conference at FABTECH is now the largest event for industrial finishers in the USA.
Coater's Corner: Aesthetic value – Color and gloss control considerations
Custom coaters are contract finishers that are expected to provide their customers with a finish that is best suited for their products, giving special consideration to visual, physical, and performance attributes. Unfortunately, the highest concern—and sometimes the only concern—is that of visual appearance (surface characteristics). This is unfortunate because a good-looking finish may not be ideally suited for the product and its intended use.
Nick's Niche: Developing a coating performance specification
Coating performance is often overlooked by the product designer, even though coating performance is the product feature that the customer uses to establish the value of the product. How a product looks, feels, and survives its use environment is as important to customers as how well the product functions. This fact is proven in many industries where customer complaints about “the paint” on the product usually exceed all other comments or complaints. Nothing proves this point more than the automotive industry, where past customer complaints about paint and premature corrosion led to the “6-year/60,000-mile no-rust-through warranty” used by most manufacturers today.
Powder Coatings Clinic: Interplay between physical and chemical processes in powder coatings
What is the relationship between the glass transition temperature, powder storage temperature, powder curing reactions, powder melting temperature, and particle size for a typical powder coating? Or isn’t there one? E.D., Eagan, Minn.
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