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This Month's Focus: Custom Coating
Four companies display some of their striking custom coating jobs.
Coater's Corner: Problem solving
As job shop owners and managers, problem solving is something we all do every day. We constantly confront problems of differing importance, scope, and complexity. Some examples include how to establish organizational or personal priorities; how to confront an employee who did not report to work; how to increase sales; how to reduce costs; which strategy the company should pursue over the next two years; and how to increase productivity. Indeed, solving problems takes up a major portion of our time and energies each day. Some problems are fairly routine and easily solved. Others are complex and less easily defined and handled. Our lives are filled with, and frequently complicated by, the need to solve problems.
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Show preview: AWFS Fair 2015 brings the future of woodworking into focus (Free)
Woodworking professionals and suppliers will convene in Sin City to learn more about the latest and greatest industry technologies.
Nick’s niche: A five-point checklist for improving transfer efficiency (Free)
All powder coaters struggle with one common goal – How to reduce powder overspray/scrap and increase efficiency. It is such a constant and significant challenge that this topic has been covered in many forms in the past, by me and by others. In fact, this article is a reprint of one that ran in Powder Coating in November 2013. However, since this checklist approach was so popular with readers, it seemed relevant to rerun it in a way that can be easily cut out and placed onto your spray booth for easy reference.
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