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This Month's Focus: Pretreatment & Stripping
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RadTech’s biennial show returns to the Windy City (Free)
This spring, the world’s largest event dedicated to the educational, technical, and scientific advancement of UV and EB technologies will highlight how these technologies enable sustainable and flexible manufacturing.
Coater's Corner: Powder coating touch ups in the field? Yes, we can! (Free)
As powder coaters, we often work hard to distinguish ourselves from the world of liquid coatings from which we have evolved. We all know the advantages that powder has over liquid. Our environmentally sustainable, lower-applied-cost, more-durable coating system works well when applied properly and will outlast most commonly used liquid systems. Until it gets damaged in the field — then we have a problem. This is where we as powder coaters need to develop an understanding and appreciation for how liquid coatings can bring benefits to powder coating.
Nick's niche: Part cooling techniques: Why it’s important to "Cool it!"
For the younger readers, the phrase "Cool it" goes back to the 60’s and 70’s, and often was used to settle down an unruly situation. When you were dealing with an agitated person, it was common to shout out "Just cool it, man!" This phrase was replaced later with "Chill out, man!" and eventually to just "Chill!" Of course, those of us who are even older remember that the phrase "Cool" was used to describe our approval of something that was really "Neat," way before the term "Rad" (radical) was even in the lexicon of hip slang. But I digress.
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