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This Month's Focus: Pretreatment & Stripping
General Features
Show preview: RadTech’s biennial show blows back into Chicago (Free)
The world’s largest event dedicated to the educational, technical, and scientific advancement of UV and EB technologies will highlight how these technologies enable sustainable and flexible manufacturing.
Show preview: FABTECH Mexico 2016 (Free)
The biggest event for industrial finishers in Latin America returns to Mexico City.
Nick’s niche: Coating adhesion—A misunderstood defect
Of all the possible coating defects, adhesion failure is often the most misunderstood. This misunderstanding is prevalent because the lack of coating adhesion can be a defect of its own or can be caused by another coating failure. In either case, the coating has disbonded from the substrate, resulting in a defective part.
Coater's Corner: Training your customers to become better finishers
It is inevitable that at some point in your custom finishing career, you will encounter a request to fix an error that is outside of your control. In this article, I will share a summary of some key design, fabrication, and processing considerations that should be avoided–and why. At best you may be able to help everyone save some money and improve quality, and at the very least you will be able to avoid an ugly situation that will cost more time and money than it is worth.
Powder Coatings Clinic: When science meets practical powder applications
Thermal and chemical properties of powders are critical as they synergistically influence film formation and end properties.
Show preview: SUR/FIN 2016 (Free)
SUR/FIN Tradeshow and Conference 2016 hustles back to Sin City.
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