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This Month's Focus: Automotive Coating
These job shops prove that powder coating your automotive parts won’t steer you wrong
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Show preview: Race to Kentucky to attend the 2015 POWDER COATING SHOW (Free)
Whether you’re already involved in the powder coating industry or you want to learn more about the benefits of a winning finish, PCI’s annual show should be on your barrel list.
Coater's Corner: How to structure a successful training program for custom coaters
What is the most significant difference between the worker who has been properly trained and the worker who has only “on the job” training? The answer may surprise you. Both workers may work hard, and both workers may be capable of physically completing equal tasks with acceptable results.
IR Curing Shoptalk: Developing a thermal profile for your infrared oven
This column is provided to you by members of the Infrared Equipment Division (IRED) of the Industrial Heating Equipment Association (IHEA). The group includes infrared (IR) curing equipment suppliers from throughout North America. We publish the column three times a year to give you the latest information about IR curing techniques and equipment. Contact information is at the end of the column. Most IR manufacturers offer testing for free or for a fee. Any IRED member can assist you in finding solutions to curing problems and best practices for finishing of coatings. This issue’s column was submitted by IRED member Mike Chapman, Heraeus Noblelight America, Buford, Ga.
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