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This Month's Focus: Curing
IR Curing Shoptalk: Gas catalytic IR – 3:1 rule provides key to success
This column is provided to you by members of the Infrared Equipment Division (IRED) of the Industrial Heating Equipment Association (IHEA). The group includes infrared (IR) curing equipment suppliers from throughout North America. We publish the column three times a year to give you the latest information about IR curing techniques and equipment. Contact information is at the end of the column. Most IR manufacturers offer testing for free or for a fee. Any IRED member can assist you in finding solutions to curing problems and best practices for finishing of coatings. This issue’s column was submitted by IRED member Michael J. Chapman, Heraeus Noblelight, Portsmouth, R.I.
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SSPC’s annual conference and trade show returns to Vegas (Free)
Don’t gamble your chance to check out the latest protective coating technology, rub elbows with your peers, and participate in one of the many networking opportunities available.
Coater's Corner: Supplier assessment: Selecting the right custom coater
With all of the advanced communication technology that we have available to us today, you would think that communication between business people would increase in both quantity and quality. It can be argued that the advances in communication technology allow us to be better and more efficient communicators. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.
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